Friday, 6 February 2009

The Big Move (edited)

I decided to edit my loooooooooooooong post of this morning by deleting it all and starting again. It was a depressive post written after a depressive week in which I cried multiple times (4 times yesterday alone - and I mean whole body wracking sobs not tiny sniffles). But T managed to persuade me to have the day off work as I have felt rubbish all week long and been unable to drag myself out of bed and function to any sort of normalcy and as he is unable to return to work until he's been symptom free from the sickness bug he had for 48 hours we decided to have a "stay in bed then go and visit the new house day".

Needless to say, despite feeling incredibly sick at the moment I am feeling like I have jumped into another life. The house is a million miles away from where we live now - and I'm not talking about the extra space (though that is wonderful of course!). It is in a village, right opposite a church whereas we currently live in a block of flats on a busy road, next to the football ground, down the road from the railway line and the airport... let's just say the absolute quiet in our new detached house in the village was almost deafening!

There is more as well - we are not renewing our cable tv subscription as we want to do things other than wile away the hours in front of the tv. We will still watch select programmes like QI (it's just starting now so I better finish this post soon) and we'll be getting broadband so I can keep up to date with you guys, but as we have turned one of the bedrooms into a meditation room and we have space to exercise and keep my crafting bits and bobs safe and tidy we are looking forward to changing our routines to do the things we just couldn't do here.

I promise to tell you all about the new house and even include pictures but for now I must finish my porridge (the only thing I fancy to eat right now), watching QI and then get an early night before we do the big move tomorrow. I will be offline (apart from checking emails at work whilst waiting for my bus to go home at night) so I will get behind a bit - but I will be back soon.

I've also been tagged by Claire (sorry will add a link later - I am truly hating to miss QI lol) and promise to be back to post on that because the whole exercise brought many smiles to mine and T's faces but the post will take some time to write properly.

So take care of yourselves and I look forward to catching up soon
Amanda xx