Wednesday, 28 November 2007

So bad...

I am so bad at keeping up with this blogging malarkey *blushes*.

I have so much I could have blogged about but my time at the moment just seems to be taken up with work, talking to my darling bf and travelling all over the UK to either spend some time with him ('cos we don't live in the same town) or meeting friends I've met online and want to meet in person.

Things are going so well with my bf. We met each other online just after I left Cambridge (which is where he lives). We fast became friends and started seeing each other every so often for the weekend to just have some fun together with a like-minded person (he is so like me in so many ways it is unbelievable... I will expand on this in a later post I hope).

When we both discovered we actually wanted more than friendship I was so excited but my fears of intimacy got the better of me and I actually screwed the whole thing up. Thankfully my bf is a wonderful, caring individual and he helped me to feel safe enough to share my fears with him and he persuaded me to make more time for me to really sort out how I was feeling (another reason why I have not been online so much recently).

Last time we spent the weekend together was wonderful and I am so looking forward to seeing him again this weekend for his sister's wedding *big grin* (Hopefully I'll also have a picture or two of the darling boy after that!!). On a friendship level things couldn't be better - it's the intimacy I am not used to and on one awful weekend I got so stressed out I threw up.

I am so happy but so exhausted from all this travelling and I looking forward to Christmas and less travelling and hopefully getting to spend more than a couple of days with him at a time over the holiday period.

I've been keeping up as best I could with the blogging world, just not blogging myself. I hope to get a bit more posted over the coming weeks. But if I don't manage it... please forgive me...

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

In high spirits

I must ask you all to a) excuse the quality of this picture because it was only taken with my laptop's camera due to the fact my real camera is broken and b) the state of my room when this photo was taken because I was in a hurry to take it before I forgot completely and the roses started to wilt and I didn't have time to make the scene look prettier.

This is what came for me the other day - twenty roses! I've never had even one rose given me and suddenly twenty arrive on my doorstep!! You should have seen the look of absolute shock followed quickly by a pleasured blush which adorned my face that morning.

This week is turning into a real high for me - I met an online friend for the first time on Saturday and had my first ever manicure at her salon. Then I get roses. And my new boyfriend, who is the most sensitive and loving guy I have ever met, is coming to visit on Friday and we are planning a wonderful weekend to speand together. How much more can a girl want?

Well, a good job would be a start... oh yes, I've got that!!

How about a new laptop? Got that one too hehe

I've got it... a beautiful dress? Ha! Got that too - ready to wear to the wedding in December and apparantly the colours will go perfectly with the ties the men are wearing (now how did I know that when I bought it?)

Sorry to gloat... how awful of me! But I just cannot help it - my life is just so perfect right now I cannot help singing for joy.

Feel free to shoot me if you wish - I probably won't even notice!